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How many times have you heard a story on the news about a young child who saved the life of either their mother, father or sibling because they knew to call 9-1-1? Those brave children obviously knew what to do in an emergency.

With the number of children using cell phones these days, proper 9-1-1 cell phone protocol needs to be taught. And we can help you with that.

911 Fun

Download and print .pdf files of our coloring book and comic book below:

9-1-1 Responders Coloring Book 9-1-1 Responders Comic Book

Teaching 911

Teaching children how to use 9-1-1 is critical.  We invite you to read this information designed for teachers and parents of elementary school children. Teaching 9-1-1

Click below for a sample letter to send home to parents to inform them of the 9-1-1 curriculum learned, as well as how these ideas can be reinforced at home. Parent Letter