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Staff and Dispatch

Chad Howard
IT Manager
Henry County 911


Henry County 911 serves all areas of Henry County Tennessee including the cities of Paris, Puryear and Henry. The 911 Dispatchers are City of Paris employees. They perform emergency and routine dispatch operations for all emergency response agencies including Paris Police, Paris Fire, County Volunteer Fire, EMS, Rescue Squad, and works with the Henry County Sheriffs Office. 911 calls for County Law Enforcement are transferred to the Sheriffs Office. The 911 Dispatchers are required to take extensive training, to be certified based on local, state and federal guidelines.

Angie Case
Supervisor / Tac Officer
On Staff Since 1996

Mark Rudy
On Staff Since 1999

Cindy Edwards
On Staff Since 2004

Kelvin Redditt
On Staff Since 2012

Heather Stone
On Staff Since 2012

Calvin Manning
On Staff Since 2008

Lynn Steffes
On Staff Since 2011

David Smith
On Staff Since 2005