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Road Name Policy, Rules and Information:

New road names must be submitted to the 911 office. Please allow for ten (10) working days for name approval.

The 911 Director will review new road name requests.

New road names that are direct duplicates of existing road names will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Road Naming Rules:

  1. Be a creative as possible when thinking of road names.

  2. Family names or individuals names, especially living persons and politicians are not used.

  3. Sound-alike names (e.g. Bay View Dr., Bayview Dr. or Brainard Ln, Barnard Ln) will not be allowed.

  4. Same names with different suffix (e.g. Smith Rd, Smith Ln) are prohibited.

  5. Special characters in road names such as hyphens, apostrophes or dashes cannot be used.

  6. Avoid the use of standard suffixes or directional suffixes or prefixes as road/street names. (e.g. North blvd, Court St.)

  7. Common names: Tree names (Oak, Pine, Walnut, etc...) are poor choices. Names with "lake", "river" or "beach" are common and therefore poor choices.

  8. Abbreviations of words or names and initials are prohibited.

  9. A single alphabetical character cannot be used.

  10. Duplicate street names are prohibited. A road that has the same name as another road but a different suffix of prefix is still considered to be a duplicate name.

It is required that you submit several choices for the new road name. For example, if there is a new road in your development, submit three road names. On being you top choice, tow next, then the third.

Top review road names in Henry County go to the Master Street Address Guide. MSAG.