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Knowing 911 Isn't Enough

When calling 911 from your cell phone, knowing 911 isn't enough. Unlike your landline at home, a call from your cell phone doesn't provide an address to the 911 dispatcher.

So if you should ever call 911 from your cell phone, tell the 911 dispatcher exactly where you are. That way, the 911 dispatcher can send the emergency responder to the correct location.

A Message from the Director...

Welcome to the website of the Henry County Emergency Communications District/911. Acting through its Board of Directors, staff and the Public Safety Answering Point supported by the District, our mission is to provide the public with the most reliable, effective and efficient Enhanced 911 system possible.

The Henry County Emergency Communications District was created by Public Referendum and went live in July of 1989. Since then, the District has witnessed many changes in telecommunications technology and met these new challenges with the delivery of enhanced 911 services to the citizens of Henry County. As we move into the future, it will be no different as we respond to new challenges such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and other new technology. Henry County 911 will continue to make necessary technological changes required to meet the demands of the public's increasing use of wireless communications devices.

Thank you for your interest in 911, and we welcome your comments or suggestions for improving this website.

Mark Archer, Director
Henry County 911
John Etheridge, Chairman
Henry County Emergency Communications District