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Response Survey

Please Answer Questions Using the Following Rating Scale:

1 - Unsatisfactory 2 - Need Improvement 3 - Satisfactory 4 - Excellent

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Question 1 2 3 4
My call was answered in a timely manner.
I was greeted with professionalism and courtesy.
The operator who assisted me was knowledgeable and provided the assistance I needed or helped me reach the person I needed.
I was treated with respect and consideration as a valued customer.
Any 'hold time' was courteously requested or explained.
The operator who assisted me spoke clearly and audibly
The operator who assisted me determined my concern(s) and displayed empathy.
If applicable, the operator who assisted me gave me Pre-Arrival Instructions (while awaiting medical responders).
My overall impression of the assistance I received was favorable.
Overall, I have confidence in this agency and feel its employees are competent and would feel comfortable requesting assistance in the future

Please indicate the name(s) of any staff person you would like to commend:
As a result of your experience with us, what service-related improvement can you recommend?

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