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Addressing Policy, Rules and Information:

The Henry County 911 office assigns all new addresses in Paris/Henry County. Apply for a new address, please call the 911 office at (731) 642-0911 or to apply for a new address online, you can fill out a 911 address application found here - click here.

Addressing Rules:

  1. Addresses will only be assigned if the structure is marked.

  2. Structures on the right side of the street receive even numbers, odd on the left.

  3. A street address is assigned every 5.28 feet.

  4. Multiple structures on a lot receive a unique number for each structure.

  5. Block numbers will no longer be assigned and will be phased out.

  6. Addresses cannot be assigned until a road name has been established.

  7. Allow three days for an address to be assigned.

Please understand that our purpose in developing these rules is to provide effective and efficient information to emergency responders. Our purpose was not to make it difficult to obtain road names and addresses. Accurate address information can mean precious seconds when life and property are at stake. Life and death emergencies are measured in seconds.

Please note:

All existing street names and addresses were taken into the 911 system but will continue to be looked at for errors and corrected. Corrections to addresses and streets will continue to be made where duplicate street names occur or when problems are brought to our attention.